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97% of teachers reported that the work in which we engaged will have lasting impact.

94% of students made statistically significant reading gains

Who We Are and What We Do

We are a group of teacher educators from Hunter College working alongside teachers and adminstrators to enhance literacy instruction and outcomes in K-2 classrooms in New York City's Community School District 4. Our work was funded by the New York Community Trust, Astor Fund.

The driving focus of READ East Harlem/Hunter College was to improve the literacy abilities of second-grade students in East Harlem. To do this, we worked alongside K-2 teachers to engage their diverse students in research‐supported critical reading comprehension instruction and practice.


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2018-2019 NUMBERS

  • We worked with 126 teachers
  • We reached 1,835 students
  • We provided 271 hours of professional development
  • We facilitated over 5,000 coaching conversations